Creativity with confidence

with Lucy Gower

Would you like to feel confident to think creatively, solve problems and turn your ideas into action?

Get your creative juices flowing in this practical session…

When: Wednesday 3rd November at 11 am-12.30pm (UK time)

* A limited number of spots are available for this training, so claim yours now! *


Creativity with confidence

with Lucy Gower

Free training with Lucy Gower, International speaker, author of The Innovation Workout and leadership coach.

Go from overwhelmed to confident and increase your happiness at work

When: Wednesday 3rd November at 11 am-12.30pm (UK time)

* A limited number of spots are available for this training, so claim yours now! *

Are you;

  • A creative thinker but when it comes to sharing your ideas your confidence can take a knock?
  • Maybe you doubt your creativity and problem-solving skills so you stay feeling stuck?
  • Or do you run out of inspiration and motivation to step out of your comfort zone and take action?

If you’re a manager or leader and are constantly too busy with no time to think, it can increase your stress levels, affect your ability to think creatively and make good decisions which can impact both your motivation and your confidence.

When your confidence dips it can stop you from stepping up and taking opportunities. It can hold you back because you don’t feel brave enough to step out of our comfort zone and share your ideas, let alone turn them into reality.

Managing confidence is key for creativity and problem solving. Confidence can help you make time to think creatively, solve problems in new ways, take action and make a bigger impact. Join Lucy Gower, trainer, facilitator and coach for a 90-minute training webinar to share her practical tips to keep your confidence high and creative thinking focused when you need it most.

What others experienced after attending Lucy's trainings

I have actionable ideas to work on
Your training webinars are always so helpful, Lucy. In the latest one, you gave us so many fantastic actionable ideas that I'm really keen to work on.
Emma Cornish, Executive Assistant - MS Society

I have more confidence
Lucy encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and not compromise when it comes to development. I’ve learned a lot and have more confidence now.
Maria Healy, Community Fundraising Manager - Mind

In this 90-minute training you will:

  • Learn practical tips to build and maintain your confidence
  • Get quick techniques to help you develop your own personal creativity and solve problems
  • Find out how to keep motivated and resilient when you can feel your confidence taking a nose-dive.

Hi I’m Lucy Gower and I’m a trainer, facilitator and coach. I’ve spent the last 10 years working with individuals and teams, helping them to develop their confidence and skills for creative thinking so they can solve problems effectively and turn their good ideas into action. I’ve helped hundreds of people to achieve fantastic results.

Many people don’t think they’re creative. I believe that we all are, each in our own unique way. Creativity isn’t about being able to draw, nor is it just the realm of green bean bags and whacky ideas. Creativity is a business survival strategy for solving strategic problems, spotting opportunities and making good ideas happen to maximize your impact.

I love helping my clients to unlock their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, firstly by helping them carve out time to think, then giving them simple and practical techniques to think creatively as well as the confidence to put the good ideas into action.

If you’re feeling stuck, out of motivation or that you could do with a creative thinking confidence boost then do join me for this 90-mimute training webinar. I guarantee that you’ll leave feeling inspired with a toolkit of practical tips to help you take action. I’ll also tell you how to join my membership community the Lucidity Network where if you’re serious you can really supercharge your results.

Many of my training webinars sell out fast, so don't miss out and secure your place today by clicking the button below. I can't wait to see you online on Wednesday 3 November, 11 am - 12.30 pm (UK time).

See you there,

 Lucy x