The Lucidity Network

The Lucidity Network is for managers and leaders across all sectors who want to take charge of their professional development and make more impact. The Lucidity Network gives you the tools you need to achieve success at work.  


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'Joining the Lucidity Network has been one of the best decisions I made this year. The webinars with different experts have been really useful as have the online resources, I have learned a lot.'  

Sam Mills, Head of Projects, Changeworks 

Lucy Gower is founder at Lucidity. She is a speaker, facilitator, trainer and coach as well as a best-selling author, connector and international speaker specialising in giving people the tools and confidence to take charge of their own working life and achieve the happiness and impact that they want.  

Lucy was the first innovation manager at the NSPCC, and since leaving in 2012 has worked with hundreds of people across a range of organisations and sectors helping them to think differently to get brilliant results. 

'I developed the Lucidity Network because regardless of your level of seniority, sector or role, everyone can feel stuck, unhappy or overwhelmed at work. The secret is making time to focus, combined with a network to help you think clearly, prioritise what's important for your work happiness and then hold you accountable to make the changes that you want to make.'  

When you join the Lucidity Network you are connecting to a generous community with a stack of skills and experiences who help each other get the work life success they want. The Network is a toolkit which gives you everything you need to know to have a successful work life. We cover topics that are not in the leadership or management handbook. There's a different topic each month and you manage your own learning at your pace. There's lots of ways to connect and accelerate your progress too; you could join a mastermind group, get involved in group coaching or you might choose to buddy up with other members at a face-to-face event. Plus, I’m there to help and encourage you to go for it, stretch yourself and get the results you want. I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to the Lucidity Network and helping you achieve the work life you want.  

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Do you ever feel…

  • That your working life is not what you want it to be?
  • That on paper you're in your perfect job, yet you don't love it and can't work out what to change to make it right for you? 
  • Stuck or even unhappy in your job - do you ask yourself whether you're in the right role, the right organisation or sector? 
  • Unsure of your next career move or what direction to take to make you happy and fulfilled?
  • That you're constantly busy, juggling lots of priorities with no time to think properly about what's important to you? 
  • Constantly stressed out with work and it's impacting on your life outside of work? 
  • That you're putting in loads hours, but not getting through your to-do list or achieving the impact that you want? 
  • That your confidence is taking a knock, making it hard to tackle the challenges that you know you need to tackle? 
  • That you want to make more impact in your career but don't know where to start making changes?

‘The Lucidity Network is about supporting me to develop myself, and meeting like-minded people to develop with. The masterclasses help me prioritise what I need to be focussing on, whilst the online support, Facebook updates and contributions from others in the Network remind and encourage me to put that learning into action. It’s like having a personal trainer and your own cheering squad urging you on!’

 Vanessa Longley, Director of Fundraising and Communications

The Lucidity Network money back guarantee Try the Lucidity Network and if within 14 days you decide it's not for you I'll give you your money back. No questions asked. 

‘The Lucidity Network has helped me loads. Reading other people's input on the Facebook Group is great for seeing what other people are up against. And, I had some great advice after posting questions on there. Plus, those leadership books I've been reading as part of the book club have given me the courage, knowledge and the language to talk about what my strengths are and help others around me. The webinars around managing up, coaching and creativity and what I have done at work, as a result, have all played a part in my progress so far - so thank you.’ 

Sarah Younger, Communications and Development Officer, St Michaels Fellowship  

The Lucidity Network is for you if...  

  • You want to be happy and successful in your working life. 
  • You're looking for help to think through what's important to you when it comes to your working life and then take action to acheive it.
  • You'd like a network of trusted people to go to for constructive help and advice about the day-to-day work challenges.  
  • You'd like some help to figure out how to fall in love with your job again (or make the leap and leave it).
  • You'd like to be more productive and make more impact in your current role. 
  • You'd like to take charge of your own learning and development and have a plan to achieve your career ambitions.. 
  • You'd like help to manage your feelings of stress, to be able to switch off and achieve balance in your working life. 
  • You like the thought of having everything you need to have the successful work life you want at your fingertips. 
  • You want the confidence to bring your best self to work every day and make big impact. 

'That was the most helpful couple of hours of my entire career. You gave us some fantastic actionable ideas that we're really keen to work on.'

Emma Cornish, Executive Assistant,MS Society  

Why join ...

Imagine having everything you need to have the succesful work life you want at your fingertips. 

Imagine being connected to expertise, advice, inspiration and motivation from people who are there when you need it most. . 

Take charge of your own learning and development and make good career choices at your pace. 

Get help and support to manage stress and challenging situations and achieve a balance in your working life. 

Imagine actually being able to free-up time to think clearly and make the most impact you can in your work.  

Imagine having the confidence to bring your best self to work and do your best work every day. 

Its great to be part of a network to go to for help, advice and chat, as well as being able to give something back and help other people’ 

Paul Nott, Principal Consultant

What’s included – Lucidity Network members get: 

  • Exclusive access to monthly training materials, watch the live webinars with subject experts and learn from the web resources. This is a great way to build your skills and because it’s online, there’s no commute, which saves time and money! You can also access the training archives which already include practical content on the essential skills for a successful work life that don't come with the leadership or management handbook including, creativity, resilience, making time to think, managing up, learning from failure, personal brand, pitching and innovation.
  • Connected to the Lucidity Network Members Facebook Community - a friendly place to connect and ask for advice and accelerate your learning and success.
  • To join a Lucidity Network mastermind group. These are groups of four - six people who meet monthly. They can be either face to face or on video conference. Join one to get help solving your problems and to be held accountable for talking action.
  • Save money by taking advantage of discounts on training and events via affiliate partners.
  • Come along to Lucidity Network quarterly events, which include a guest speaker and have an opportunity to learn something new and meet other members over some drinks and nibbles.
  • Organise your own Lucidity Network meet-ups and meet other members in your area and get help and advice face to face.
  • Bring questions to the monthly coaching calls and benefit from receiving advice and help from Lucy and other Lucidity Network members. Coaching calls are in the evening so don’t impact on your working day and you can also wear your pyjamas.
  • Join the Lucidity Network business book club led by Becky Slack of Slack Communications. It’s a enjoyable way to read more, progress your own learning and share the experience with others. Get yourself a mentor to keep you on track in achieving your goals. We give every Lucidity Network member the tools to find a mentor. 
  • We encourage members to buddy up and connect within the Network, to be and have mentors and arrange their own smaller meet-ups and socials over a coffee (or something stronger) because opportunities come from being well networked. 

‘The Lucidity Network made it easy for me to join a mastermind group and we meet (virtually) on a regular basis. It’s great to have trusted people to go to for help and advice when I’m stuck and because I’m held to account I’m making more progress on the important tasks.’ 

 Deanna Wolf, Senior Consultant, Money Tree Fundraising  


'I joined the Lucidity Network as I wanted to make a personal investment in my learning and development. I loved the mixed bag of goodies on offer that I could dip in and out of and the idea of connecting with a network of professionals from the charity sector and beyond. I am so pleased with my decision to join, it’s offered great value - I have benefitted from brilliant webinars and toolkits, accessed advice and insight from an incredible network of people and have been connected to a potential mentor by another Lucidity member. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucidity to anyone looking to commit to their own learning and development.'

Janine Edwards, Head of Business Development, The Foundation for Social Improvement  

What others have asked before joining the Lucidity Network

I can’t afford it To have the successful work life you want you have to prioritise YOU. The Lucidity Network is designed to be an affordable way to do this - if YOU really want to. It's your choice of course but we spend a considerable amount of our lives at work, and our work life impacts everything. So if you want to have a happier, more forfilled and impactful working life then seriouly consider if you can afford not to join the Lucidity Network. 

I really want to join, but I can't persuade my manager it's a good idea Is that because they have no budget? Can you be creative about which budget line it comes from? Will your manager sign it off as a test? We're so confident that the Lucidity Network will make a difference to your work life that if you take the actions that we recommend and after 3 months see no benefit we’ll give you your money back. 

I can’t buy online I need to invoice That’s no problem, drop an email to and we’ll arrange an invoice for you.  

I'm so busy at work I don't know how I will find the time That's up to you. If you’d like to have a sufccessful and happy work life then you’ll need to invest a bit of time. We’d suggest finding 2 hours a month as a minimum. The more you put in the more you’ll get out. We've got a free training webinar on how to make time to think to help you get the most from the Lucidity Network. 

What if there isn't anyone from my industry or sector in the membership? It’s a good thing! The mix of diverse experience, and different people and sectors is part of the Lucidity Network’s value. Plus if you’d like to invite more people from your sector ask us about our recommend a friend offers by emailing 

I’ve not done anything like this before Try the Lucidity Network for 3 months as a test. If you take the actions that we recommend and get no benefit we’ll give you your money back. Sometimes with something new you’ll only really know if it’s for you if you give it a go. 

I’m not on Facebook so I’ll lose out The Facebook Community is a big part of the Lucidity Network. It’s the place to connect directly with other members, ask questions and learn. It might be worth considering setting up a Facebook profile just to interact with the Lucidity Network. However if you choose not to, you still get all the training content including webinars and resoruces, invitations to events, discounts from affiliates as well as access to mastermind groups so you don't lose out. 

What happens if the topics aren't what I need? We pick topics based on what we know can have a big impact on peoples working happiness and productivity. We've been working with clients on this for over ten years. . We also ask the network, what their biggest problems are as well as what they think they need on a regular basis to ensure that our topics are relevant. You can also get in touch at any point with topic suggestions at

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The Lucidity Network money back guarantee Try the Lucidity Network an if within 14 days you decide it's not for you I'll give you your money back. 


'What the Lucidity Network has taught me really early on is how important it is to continually carve out time to invest in our own reflections and learning. I can’t wait to dive into the areas where I am keen to develop myself. The packs and webinars are engaging, user-friendly and they encourage action, the additional resources are rich and varied, and the Facebook group is lively and friendly. Bravo!'

Catherine Raynor, Director, Mile 91