Now that you've been working from home for a while, how are you finding it?

How are you keeping yourself motivated to show up every day?

Do you still need to meet deadlines but are struggling to get stuff done?

If you feel that your work life could benefit from having better working from home habits, then I have something for you.

As you may have noticed by now, working from home as your main way of operating is very different from working from home occasionally to get a report, application or paper written without interruption.

The days can stretch ahead of you. There’s still work that needs doing, there are conflicting priorities and deadlines. It can be hard to keep focused, motivated and be productive when you’re at home and working alone.

Watch this free webinar and discover my 3 simple steps to be happy and productive working from home.

Does it matter if you stay in your pyjamas, eat all the Hobnobs or catch up on Netflix? I’ve learned that to successfully work at home, be happy, productive and remain sane there are some things that you need to put in place. And setting good habits from the beginning is important.

Join me on this 50-minute webinar and learn my tips on how to be happy and productive working from home. Find out how to set good habits and get more done in less time with less stress and a lunch break!   

Discover my 3 simple steps to be happy and productive working from home

By the end of this free webinar you’ll have:  

  • Systems to focus and ensure the important work gets done 
  • Practical tips to apply straight away to make working from home more enjoyable  
  • Tips to stay connected to others, look after yourself and stay motivated. 


"It’s so important to continually carve out time to invest in our own reflections and learning. I’ve now got solid methods to ensure that I make time to take charge of my own learning and development." Catherine Raynor, founding director, Mile 91 

“Lucy encourages me to make the time to think when it comes to developing new products. I’ve learned a lot and have more courage to tackle difficult problems’ Maria Kholsa, Community Fundraising Manager, Mind


Lucy Gower is founder at Lucidity. She is a facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant. Lucy is the best-selling author of The Innovation Workout and an international speaker on creativity innovation and making more impact. Lucy left a permanent job in 2012 and has over 8 years experience of working remotely with clients, from home as well as different locations around the world. 

Lucy specialises in giving you the tools and confidence to take charge of your own working life and achieve the happiness and results that you want.  

Lucy is passionate about helping people unlock their creativity and get the important work done. She uses interactive techniques to help people learn, not through theory, but by practice and practical application. Lucy enjoys working on projects with the potential to make a positive impact on the world.