Waiting list for the stepping out of your comfort zone webinar Feb 2019

Free live webinar How to step out of your comfort zone to get the results you want is now SOLD OUT  

This free training webinar has now sold out. If there is enough demand I will run this webinar again. Let me know by reserving your spot on the waiting list. 


Are you ambitious to progress faster in your career, yet when it comes to it, you don’t apply for the promotion? Perhaps you have dreams of living a different lifestyle but you’re putting off making a change for when you have a moment to think properly, or are you keen to keep learning and developing yet you always seem to revert to the way you’ve always done things?  

What’s stopping you?  

I’ve worked with hundreds of people, helping them to get the results they want. I’ve noticed that the first barrier to doing anything new is to be able to step outside your comfort zone. Because it feels safer to stick with what you know, changing anything, from jobs to careers to lifestyles can be really difficult.  

When it comes to getting the results you want, having the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone is such a big deal that I’m running a free training webinar offering practical ways to help you leave your comfort zone at 12.30pm UK time (GMT) on Tuesday 12 February.  

By the end of the webinar you’ll have a stack of practical tips and advice to:  

  • Have the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone. 
  • Understand when to stay in your comfort zone and when to step outside.
  • Better manage your inner critic that tells you to stick with what you know.
  • Find the courage to take action and keep going despite knockbacks. 
  • Take action straight away and achieve the results you want.  


Lucy Gower is director and founder at Lucidity. She is a trainer, coach, author and consultant specialising in giving people the confidence to think differently and get better results. She speaks internationally on innovation and creativity and is the author of the best selling book ‘The Innovation Workout’.  

Lucy works with individuals and teams to give them the courage, confidence and practical techniques to get good results and to make their good ideas happen.  

Her clients include Alzheimer’s Society, Amnesty International, The Children’s Society, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, MS Society, Nesta, The National Trust, The Royal British Legion and Skipton Building Society.