Do dips in confidence affect you and your team?

  • Is the current uncertainty affecting your confidence, team motivation and morale?
  • Maybe you’re unsure of how to work with your team members or how to discuss furloughing and what to expect in the next few weeks or months?
  • Maybe you're letting your own fears and worries take over your leadership style and your team's noticing it.

But even though you’re having doubts, you still need to lead your team with confidence.

Don’t worry, all this is normal and many managers are experiencing it at the moment.

Let's get your confidence back on track

I created this 55-minute webinar and workbook training so that you can confidently manage your team remotely and lead by example in these uncertain times. 

practical tips to keep your confidence in difficult times

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What this webinar training will teach you on leading with confidence in difficult times:

  • How to confidently lead in disruptive times and how to seek and also give support

  • How to work on your confidence (every single day - even when you don’t feel like it!)

  • Practical tips and tools to stay confident and resilient and to help your teams to do the same

  • How to manage your vulnerability and turn it into an opportunity to learn

    You’ll finish this training and feel prepared, informed, and confident as a team leader.

Get the full 55-minute webinar and accompanying workbook for only £5

That was one of the most helpful trainings of my entire career. You gave us some fantastic actionable ideas that we're really keen to work on.
Emma Cornish, Executive Assistant - MS Society

Hi, I am Lucy Gower, founder and director at Lucidity.

I’ve been a facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant for over 8 years. I help individuals, teams and organisations to think differently and make more impact.

I’ve noticed that one of the biggest barriers to people achieving success are dips in confidence. When we’re pushing to make change happen, tackling anything new or different, or when we’re faced with a difficult situation, we can feel vulnerable. When we’re out of our comfort zone it’s really easy for our confidence to take a knock.

I don’t believe that people are born confident or not confident. I’ve seen how confident people actively develop habits to keep their confidence topped up. In this webinar and workbook training, I share the proven tips and tools that time and time again have helped keep my clients' confidence high when its mattered most. We’re currently navigating unknown territory, so it’s perfectly normal if you’ve experienced anxiety, felt vulnerable or that your confidence has taken a knock.

Right now, in a period of massive change and uncertainty when we must support our colleagues, maintaining our confidence has never been more important.

I’ve put together a 55-minute webinar and workbook to give you a quick confidence kick start. It includes simple and practical tips you can action straight away to keep your confidence topped up.

Lucy encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and not compromise when it comes to development. I’ve learned a lot and have more courage now to tackle difficult problems.
Maria Healy, Community Fundraising Manager, Mind

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If you can establish habits for confidence now, it will also stand you in good stead as we navigate a new and as yet unknown normal in our working lives.

Don't wait! Learn simple and practical tips to keep your confidence when you need it most

practical tips to keep your confidence in difficult times

This training contains:

- A 55-minute webinar, packed with practical actions to take immediately to build and maintain your confidence.
A practical workbook with the key action points for success as well as a place to write down your notes and goals.
- Bonus guide on how to be brilliant at stepping out of your comfort zone.

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