When: Thursday 22 October, 10 am - 4 pm UK time

Where: From your place - on Zoom

Price: £149 +VAT

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From overwhelmed to energised

How to boost your resilience, creativity and confidence - and have the impact you know you’re capable of

Right now, we’re living through massive change and uncertainty.

We’ve been isolated from friends and family for indefinite periods of time.

We’ve adapted to a lifestyle of working from home on our own, or accompanied by our families and children.

We’re facing more uncertainty going forward as many organisations are making difficult decisions about their future sustainability.

In addition to that we’re expected to think creatively to solve problems, stay positive for those around us while managing our own rollercoaster of emotions.

In times of change and uncertainty, our anxiety levels rise.

It’s hard to think straight, let alone be creative when we’re feeling stressed out. When we’re feeling stressed or anxious our basic survival instincts kick in and our bodies go into fight, flight or freeze mode.

This makes it very difficult to access the creative thinking parts of our brains needed to solve problems effectively.

That’s why Charly White and Lucy Gower are joining forces.

Charly specialises in helping leaders and teams build their resilience and wellbeing and Lucy works with teams to help them think creatively to solve problems.

What some have said about Charly

Charly delivered an outstanding session on resilient leadership, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Using a combination of sound theory, personal stories and humour, she gave a thought-provoking and inspiring yet practical talk on how identifying your own beliefs, values and strengths is fundamental to both giving and being the very best you can.

Melanie Bushell, Development Director - The Portsmouth Grammar School

What others have said about Lucy

Lucy ran a workshop on how to drive innovation. It was well structured and packed full of practical tips, inspiring and a fun experience.
Adeela Warley, CEO - Charity Comms

Lucy encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and not compromise when it comes to development. I’ve learned a lot and have more courage now to tackle difficult problems.
Maria Healy, Community Fundraising Manager - Mind

Join us on 22 October for a one-day online training and learn practical tips to lower your stress and build your resilience in order to think clearly, combined with practical tools to help you think creatively and solve problems.

At the end of this training you'll have:

  • A toolkit of techniques to help you notice your stress and anxiety triggers
  • Practical tips and tools to lower your feelings of stress and anxiety, and help the people around you with this too and avoid the fight, flight, freeze state.
  • A set of tools to help you think clearly and creatively to solve problems
  • Confidence to put your learning into action and keep momentum even on the tough days.

This training webinar is for anyone who is responsible for leading and motivating a team, and who would like to build their resilience and creative problem solving skills.

From overwhelmed to energised

When: Thursday 22 October, 10 am - 4 pm UK time

Where: From your place - on Zoom

Price: £149 +VAT

Your Trainers:

Charly White is the founder of Vivid Leadership Ltd. Charly is an experienced trainer, facilitator and leadership coach.  Charly has coached over 500 not-for-profit sector leaders and emerging leaders, helping them to make a positive step-change in their personal and professional development. 

Through her company, Vivid Leadership Ltd, she provides coaching and training to leaders and teams, helping clients to succeed in demanding roles whilst maintaining a healthy balance.

Charly is also a Trustee of Penny Brohn UK, a national charity dedicated to helping people live well with cancer.

You can find Charly at Vividworks.co.uk and charly@vividleadership.co.uk.

Lucy Gower

Lucy Gower is founder and director at Lucidity. She is an accomplished consultant, bestselling author of The Innovation Workout, founder of the Lucidity Network and a global speaker on creativity and innovation.

Lucy works with individuals, teams and organsiations to help them focus, think differently and take action to get powerful results. Through creativity and innovation training and coaching programmes, she helps her clients to manage change, as well as build and maintain their confidence to ensure that good ideas with the potential to make positive impact really do happen.

You can find Lucy at Lucidity.org.uk and hello@lucidity.org.uk.

From overwhelmed to energised

Join us on Thursday 22 October, 10am - 4pm (UK time)

£149 + VAT


If you have any questions please get in touch at hello@lucidity.org.uk.