What members have asked before joining the Lucidity Network

I find meeting new people and networking hard and I'm worried it's the sort of thing for really outgoing people Networking can be daunting and we’ve designed the Lucidity events with that in mind. I’m an introvert so I can empathize! I’m working hard to make the Lucidity events a friendly place for everyone. If you engage on the Lucidity Network Facebook Community you’ll already know some people before you arrive which helps with the pre-event nerves. 

I don’t understand the benefit for me If you ever feel stuck at work, that you're not making te impact you want to or achieving your full potential then the Network will help you to make good decisions, and build your confidence to change something. Sometimes with something new you’ll only really know if it’s for you if you give it a go. Try the Lucidity Network for 3 months as a test. If you take the actions that we recommend and you get no benefit we’ll give you your money back. 

I'm not sure what I can get from networking events. Who you know is as important as what you know. Lucidity networking events provide an opportunity to connect with people in similar positions as well as people with completely different backgrounds, skills and experience. It’s an opportunity to help others, learn from others, problem solve, empathize and celebrate success. At Lucidity networking events someone will know someone or something that can help you – you’ve just got to show up to give people the opportunity to step in and help. 

All the events seem to be in London. I don’t live in London so what’s the value for me? Currently the majority of Lucidity Network members are based in or near London. We hope to be able to escape the London bubble as the network grows. In terms of value, you get access to a hive mind of Lucidity Network members offering 100's of years of knowledge, skills and experience, new training content every month including a live webinar where you can ask your questions direct to an expert (as well as the content that’s already in the Lucidity Network archives). We can connect you to mentors and mastermind groups and members are the first to know about discounts on training and events. We think it’s a steal even without the network events.  

I'm not really sure exactly what I'll get from it Each month there's training materials on a different topic that will help you get better results (topics in the archives include confidence, personal brand, resilience, being creative), a webinar with a guest expert on that months topic where you get to ask your questions directly, access to a closed Facebook Community to offer advice and support, informal meet-ups, access to help with mentoring and mastermind groups and a networking event each quarter with a guest speaker. You'll get direction and advice to help you acheive fulfilment and happiness in your role. The more you put in the more benefit you'll get.

What happens if I start and it doesn't work for me? You have 14 days to change your mind if you sign up and think ‘OMG what have I done?!’. No questions asked! 

And we’re so sure it’s a good thing we offer a money back guarantee. Try it for 3 months as a test. If you take the actions that we recommend and you get no benefit we’ll give you your money back.

What will I get from Lucidity Network resources that's different to what I can find by doing my own web searches? We go down the Internet rabbit hole on a topic so you don’t have to. We curate the best content we can find and check sources. We also set you specific actions around a topic that we know, from our experience and research will make impact on your results. You also have the Facebook Community that has a wealth of knowledge and recommendations.

What’s the ask anything online coaching call ? It’s like a coaching meeting. Every month you have the opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Lucy and other Lucidity Network members to ask your work questions and seek help and advice. The meetings last up to an hour and a half, depending on the number of people that attend and complexity of the questions! It’s a great way to sense check something you’re working on and get a different perspective on things. 

How do I join a Lucidity Network mastermind group? We match people with complementary skills and experiences. You just let us know broadly what areas you want to work on. We’ll bring a group together and facilitate the first meeting - which focuses on introductions. After that you decide if you want to go ahead. If you do the group manages itself, with guidance if needed. If the group doesn’t feel right or doesn’t work we have a re-match.

What is a mastermind group? It’s a group of people that meet regularly (roughly monthly) to help each other problem solve, give and receive advice and provide encouragement. Groups can either meet online, e.g. on Skype or Zoom or face-to-face. It’s focused on taking action, so after each meeting you have actions to take to move forward and it’s an effective way to make progress because you’re accountable to the group. Groups work best as a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight. 

How do I become a mentor? Being a mentor is also a great experience and it's not the case that you have to have years and years of experience to be a great mentor. We have guidance to help you seek your own mentee. For a fee (£250 + VAT) we can also help find you someone to mentor. First you tell us what you’re looking to help someone with and we then go out to our network to find a suitable person. It’s done on a one to one individual basis.   

How do you help me get a mentor? We encourage you and provide guidance to help you seek out your own mentor. For a fee (£250 + VAT) We can also help find you a mentor. First you tell us what you’re looking for a mentor to help you with and we then go out to our network to find a suitable person. It’s done on a one to one individual basis. People volunteer to mentor and so relies on mentors wanting to give something back and help others.   

I can’t afford it
If you want to take the lead in building your career you have to prioritise YOU. The Lucidity Network is designed to be an affordable way to do this - if YOU really want to. It's £29 with an early bird offer or £290 a year. It's less than the cost of 3 coffees a week. If you want to take control of your own learning, development and happiness and fulfilment at work then it's a steal.  

I really want to join, but I can't persuade my manager it's a good idea Is that because they have no budget? Can you be creative about which budget line it comes from? Will your manager sign it off as a test? We are so confident that the Lucidity Network makes a difference to your results that if you join for 3 months, take the actions that we recommend and see no benefit we’ll give you your money back. 

I can’t buy online I need to invoice That’s no problem, drop an email to hello@lucidity.org.uk and we’ll arrange an invoice for you.  

I'm so busy at work I don't know how I will find the time That's up to you. If you’d like to get better results then you’ll need to invest a bit of time. We’d suggest finding 2 hours a month as a minimum. The more you put in the more you’ll get out. We've got a free training webinar on how to make time to think to help you get the most from the Lucidity Network. 

What if there isn't anyone from my industry or sector in the membership? It’s a good thing! The mix of diverse experience, and different people and sectors is part of the Lucidity Network’s value. Plus if you’d like to invite more people from your sector ask us about our recommend a friend offers by emailing hello@lucidity.org.uk. 

I’ve not done anything like this before Try the Lucidity Network for 3 months as a test. If you engage with the network, take the actions that we recommend and get no benefit we’ll give you your money back. Sometimes with something new you’ll only really know if it’s for you if you give it a go. 

I’m not on Facebook so I’ll lose out The Facebook Community is a big part of the Lucidity Network. It’s the place to connect directly with other members, ask questions and learn. It might be worth considering setting up a Facebook profile just to interact with the Lucidity Network. However if you choose not to, you still get regular content including training materials, webinars and events as well as access to mastermind groups.  

What happens if the topics aren't what I need? We pick topics based on what we know can have a big impact on peoples results based on our skills and experience. We also ask the network, what their biggest problems are as well as what they think they need on a regular basis to ensure that our topics are relevant. You can get in touch at any point with topic suggestions at hello@lucidity.org.uk