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Lucy Gower is a coach, trainer and consultant specialising in giving people the confidence and tools to think creatively, develop ideas and make change happen.  

She is author of the best selling ‘Innovation Workout’ and international speaker on innovation, creativity and helping people take practical action to achieve better results. 

Lucy is passionate about helping people unlock their creativity to make their ideas happen. Over the last 10 years she has worked with 100’s of individuals, teams and organisations to deliver better results and a positive impact on the world. 

Lucy set up the Lucidity Network, an online and offline learning and support network, because she knows that with a bit of help and support we can all achieve much more than we think is possible.  

Do you ever feel…

  • Like you're on a treadmill, constantly fire-fighting urgent and important tasks with no time to think properly? 
  • That you have an inner critic that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you’re going to get found out. 
  • Unable to ask for help and support because you're supposed to know it already?  
  • You lack the courage and support to step out of your comfort zone and learn so you play it safe rather than risk failing?  
  • Exhausted by persuading colleagues and managers to get on board with new ideas and initiatives?  
  • Unsure of how to truly lead and play to your strengths yet unable to ask for help?  
  • Overwhelmed by a never ending to do list filled with conflicting priorities and impossible deadlines? 
  • Unable to say no without causing conflict, and then stressed out that you’ve taken on too much?  
  • Your confidence drain away at precisely the times when you need it the most?  
  • Stuck, like you are treading water and not achieving your potential or making enough of a difference but unsure of how to get unstuck? 
  • Unfulfilled and you know what you should be doing to be fulfilled, yet something is holding you back? 
  • You choose easy decisions rather than challenging yourself to go for it and truly achieve your potential?  
  • Fearful that your idea might fail, or you make a bad decision that will come back to haunt you?  

‘The Lucidity Network is a brilliant community and one I can't recommend highly enough. It's both a positive and generous space. Rich in professional content, insight and inspiration. If you take innovation seriously then this is the Network for you.’ 

Anstey Bligh, Digital Project Manager & UX strategist, Lucidity Network member, 

I set up the Lucidity Network because:

After years of working with individuals and organisations to help them get better results, I noticed that regardless of seniority, role or type of organisation the same things stop people getting the results they want and deserve. It’s a mix of constant busyness and fire-fighting – people tell me they feel like they’re on a treadmill too busy to think properly – this leads to stress, difficulty in prioritising and lack of focus. When we're busy, tired and stressed out our confidence dips. If we don’t have a trusted support network to turn to for advice and support its very hard to get our confidence back, get back on top of work and get the results that we want.  

Many organisations don’t or aren't able to invest in support for their most important asset – their people. Coaching can feel expensive both for organisations and for individuals so often people struggle on fire fighting, getting increasingly stressed which leads to average results or underperformance.  

I’ve noticed that with a relatively small amount of help and support, this cycle of busyness, stress, low confidence and lack lustre results can be stopped and we can all achieve much more than we think we can.  

The Lucidity Network is designed to be an affordable way to help you make time to think, provide inspiration, knowledge and advice and a support network to help you get the results you want.

‘The Lucidity Network is about supporting me to develop myself, and meeting like-minded people to develop with. The masterclasses help me prioritise what I need to be focussing on, whilst the online support, Facebook updates and contributions from others in the Network remind and encourage me to put that learning into action. It’s like having a personal trainer and your own cheering squad urging you on!’

 Vanessa Longley, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Lucidity Network member 


"Over the last few weeks many things have happened to revive my 'go for it' spirit in addition to what you and the Lucidity Network have contributed by real encouragement."

Genevieve M Hibbs, Lucidity Network member  

The Lucidity Network is for you if...  

  • You want to achieve more and get better results - regardless of role, seniority or sector.
  • You're a leader or aspiring leader and want to step up to the next level and make more impact. 
  • You want to expand your networks, skills and knowledge to help you get better results. 
  • You need inspiration, confidence and encouragement to work out how to achieve your potential. 
  • You want some time and space to focus on your own development and career path. 
  • You’re fed up with feeling like you’re on a treadmill and you need some support to step out of your comfort zone make a change. 
  • You’re ready to take charge of what you want to achieve and want a support network to help you do it.  
  • You're bored of your current situation, looking for the next thing and not sure where to start.  

“Being part of the Lucidity Network has helped me feel confident to take the next steps with my new business, I’ve learnt a lot already and it feels good to know there is a support network for me as and when I need it’ 

Alison Osterloh, Hypnotherapist, River Hypnotherapy, Lucidity Network member 

Why join ...

Imagine knowing what you want to achieve in your life and having the confidence and support to really make change happen.

Feel proud to be a valued part of a dynamic network of people, together supporting each other to actively achieve the results they want in life.  

Create time to think, reflect and plan for your future. 

Rely on a solid support network that will help you achieve excellent results.

Feel inspired, confident and connected to achieve what you want. 

Feel good to be able to give something back by sharing your skills and experience and supporting others in the Network.

"The Network has proved really useful so far, particularly the online resources available in the monthly Lucidity Kits including practical tips and suggestions to put these in to place. I'm testing which ideas work best for me and learning more about myself."  

James Wright, Senior Events Manager, Lucidity Network member

What’s included – each month Lucidity Network members receive: 

  • A Lucidity Kit exclusive download.  
  • A webinar to bring the topic to life. 
  • A Facebook live Q&A to answer any of your questions. 
  • Access to the Lucidity Network Facebook Community - a safe space to ask questions, seek support, give and receive advice and help you to keep on track – whatever it is you are trying to achieve.
  • A quarterly networking event.  
  • Special reduced rates on coaching.*  


“I am really enjoying being part of the Lucidity Network. I’ve already put some of the practical advice into action which has helped me prioritise my time to focus on the things that are going to make a bigger impact. Even though I’m in Canada and not able to come to the networking events, I still think that through the Facebook group and the webinars that the Network has helped me a lot and who knows maybe I will plan a holiday in London around one the events!” 

Ruth Noble, Lucidity Network member

What others have asked before joining the Lucidity Network

I can’t afford it Can you afford not to? You get access to a hive mind of Lucidity Network members offering 100’s of years of knowledge, skills and experience. A new download each month and a live webinar where you can ask your questions direct to an expert (as well as the content that’s in the Lucidity Network archives) and a networking event each quarter. It’s your choice of course, but we think if you want to kick start your own development and get some better results for yourself then it’s a steal at less than £20 a month if you snap up the early bird offer.  

I really want to join, but I can't persuade my manager it's a good idea Is that because they have no budget? Can you be creative about which budget line it comes from? Will your manager sign it off as a pilot? We are so confident that the Lucidity Network makes a different to your results that if you engage with the network for 3 months, take the actions that we recommend and see no benefit we’ll give you your money back. Can’t say fairer than that. 

I can’t buy online I need to invoice That’s no problem, drop an email to and we’ll arrange an invoice for you.  

I'm so busy at work I don't know how I will find the time If you’d like to get better results then you’ll need to invest a bit of time. We’d suggest finding 2 hours a month as a minimum. The more you put in the more you’ll get out.  

What if there isn't anyone from my industry or sector in the membership? It’s a good thing! The mix of diverse experience, and different people and sectors is part of the Lucidity Network’s value. Plus if you’d like to invite more people from your sector ask us about our recommend a friend offers by emailing 

I’ve not done anything like this before Why not try it for 3 months as a test? If you engage with the network, take the actions that we recommend and get no benefit we’ll give you your money back. Sometimes with something new you’ll only really know if it’s for you if you give it a go. 

I’m not on Facebook so I’ll lose out The Facebook Community is a big part of the Lucidity Network. It’s the place to ask questions, learn and get support. It might be worth considering setting up a Facebook profile just to interact with the Lucidity Network. However if you choose not to, you still get all the monthly content including downloads, webinars, Q&A and events so its still great value.  

What happens if the topics aren't what I need? We use our experience to pick topics based on what we know can have a big impact on results. We also ask the network, what their biggest problems are as well as what they think they need on a regular basis to ensure that our topics are relevant. You can get in touch at any point with topic suggestions at 

Can't see your question? Click here to read all of our FAQs or drop us a line at 

The Lucidity Network money back guarantee Why not try it for 3 months as a test? If you engage with the network, take the actions that we recommend and you get no benefit we’ll give you your money back. Sometimes with something new you’ll only really know if it’s for you is if you give it a go. 


“What the Lucidity Network has taught me really early on is how important it is to continually carve out time to invest in our own reflections and learning. I can’t wait to dive into the areas where I am keen to develop myself. The packs and webinars are engaging, user-friendly and they encourage action, the additional resources are rich and varied, and the Facebook group is lively and friendly. Bravo!” 

Catherine Raynor, Director, Mile 91, Lucidity Network member