The Lucidity Network is a professional development network that combines a mix of face-to-face meetups, online toolkits and access to an energizing community that supports you in getting the results you want.

Don't just take my word for it, see what some of our members said:

We’ll definitely be renewing our Lucidity Network membership again.

The Network has provided practical learning, development and support for the team which has been particularly valuable when working remotely. I feel assured that the team are getting access to training and a knowledgeable community that has helped them learn practical skills and stay motivated to deliver day to day in a really difficult time.

Sue Collins, Director of Fundraising and Engagement, PCUK

It feels like a trusted community of advisers I can turn to any time

I joined the Lucidity Network as I wanted to be able to access a network of advisers when needed. Being a member has expanded my network within and beyond the charity sector. It feels like a trusted community I can turn to any time.

Paul Nott, Consultant, Recruit and Retain

Since joining I have built a great network and it's been amazing

Before joining the Lucidity Network I found that building knowledge of the charity sector and understanding where my role could take me was a challenge. Since joining I have built a great network and it's been amazing at giving me insight into the charity sector, guided me on how I can carve my own career and connected me to some really amazing people.

Louise Spree, Supporter Relations Manager, Demelza Hospice Care

The Lucidity Network is currently closed for new members. We open a few times a year and places are limited. If you'd like to be the first to know about the early bird discounts as soon as membership is open again, join our weekly email newsletter today (and get get your regular dose of inspiration and practical tools to build your confidence to be more effective at work).

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‘If you’re looking make a change in your working life I highly recommend the Lucidity Network to help you think through what you want to do and give you the support and confidence to do it. I've been a member of the Lucidity Network since it first started and have always found the content to be thought-provoking, practical and inspiring. It was a real lifeline to me recently whilst looking for a new role and was great to be able to connect with interesting people outside of my usual networks. '

Louise Caseley Philanthropy Manager, University of Brighton

Here’s what you'll find inside the Lucidity Network...

You'll be building your confidence as you learn skills and techniques to help you be more effective at work.

Bite-sized training

Get the practical skills you need to be confident and thrive at work.

Access the 30+ training archives packed with practical content and inspiration on a range of topics including building your confidence, developing your creative thinking skills, building resilience, making time to think, managing up, learning from failure, building your personal brand and pitching ideas.

Lucidity Network members also benefit from the knowledge of our resident experts on topics including resilience, the future of work skills and managing Imposter Syndrome.

Make new connections

When you join the Lucidity Network you become part of its' generous and trusted community. Lucidity Network members get advice, help and support as needed. There are lots of opportunities to connect and get to know other members including via the private members Facebook community, at training workshops, Ask anything and get it done sessions.

We run networking events four times a year. They include expert guest speakers and space for informal chats, giving you an opportunity to learn something new and meet other Lucidity Network members. Currently we're running a mix of online and in real life networking events.

Lucidity Network members are also encouraged to connect within the Network and arrange conversations over a coffee (or something stronger) because we believe good ideas and exciting opportunities come from connections and interesting conversations.

Help to accelerate your progress

It is incredibly difficult to make time to stop and think, allow our creativity to flow, find solutions to problems and then take action. When we're feeling overwhelmed it can be even harder to think straight. When you join the Lucidity Network you're encouraged to set intentions and we help you to be accountable so that you make progress.

There are regular online 'get it done' sessions, where you get to burn through your 'to-do' list with the support of others, Q&A sessions where you benefit from support and advice from your facilitator and other Lucidity Network members and a monthly reflection and goal setting session to help you keep momentum.

Every Lucidity Network member gets the tools to find a mentor and we facilitate connections to others who can help you make progress. 

Hello, I'm Lucy Gower

I'm a trainer, facilitator and coach and founder of the Lucidity Network. I've worked with hundreds of managers and leaders like you, helping them build their confidence to think creatively, solve problems and be more effective at work.

In 2012 decided to leave a full time role as a charity innovation manager. I had learned first hand how difficult it can be to manage expectations and egos, wade through organisational treacle, keep resilient and make progress. I thought I might be able to make a bigger difference taking what I had learned as an innovation manger and using my skills to support others to navigate the complexities of implementing change. Having a trusted person to discuss problems and provide an outside perspective is valuable because it's so very difficult to think clearly and find solutions to problems when you're close to them.

For years I kept seeing the same patterns blocking my clients progress. The organisational treacle was sticky, feelings of overwhelm and lack of focus were creeping in and getting in the way of progress. That was often followed by a lack of internal support leading to dips in confidence to making any sort of change. And finally people just ran out of steam and when you’re exhausted it's hard to make progress.

In 2018 I decided to take all my knowledge and practical experience and find a way to help more managers and leaders just like you to achieve success. That's what the Lucidity Network is, a community offering support and bite-sized training to help more managers and leaders make progress. Many more people can get support through online learning tools and via a network of expertise than I could ever offer on a one to one basis. When you join the Lucidity Network you get support to manage overwhelm, tools to help you build your confidence and resilience, think creatively to solve problems as well as an injection of motivation and accountability to ensure you make progress.

According to The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2021, the top skills and skill groups which employers are looking for today and in the future include creative thinking, critical thinking and analysis, as well as problem-solving and skills in self-management, such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility. Research by LinkedIn has found that the top skill that companies are looking for overall is creativity. Lucidity Network members are learning these skills now and at the same time in an uncertain world, reducing their risk and increasing their opportunity for success in their future working life.

The Lucidity Network is where I spend much of my time alongside facilitating workshops and team days, running training on innovation, storytelling and creativity skills and facilitating mastermind groups. I love helping people to focus on the important work and build their confidence to make change happen. If you've got any questions about the Lucidity Network drop me a line at

The Lucidity Network is currently closed for new members. We open a few times a year and places are limited. If you'd like to be the first to know about the early bird discounts as soon as membership is open again, join our weekly email newsletter today (and get get your regular dose of inspiration and practical tools to build your confidence to be more effective at work).  

'I have benefitted from brilliant webinars and toolkits, and accessed advice and insight from an incredible network of people. 

'I joined the Lucidity Network as I wanted to make a personal investment in my learning and development, to ready myself for a leadership role within the small charity sector. I loved the mixed bag of goodies on offer that I could dip in and out of and the idea of connecting with a network of professionals. When I was on maternity leave in 2020 I found the network invaluable for a positive return to work as I was able to continue developing my knowledge and skills.  I’ve since taken on a Chief Exec role with a small charity and I look forward to further engaging with the network and support on offer, to thrive in my new role’


Janine Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Power for the People