Lucidity Network and Not9to5 How to unlock your creativity at work

WHEN: Wednesday 5 February, 6pm-8pm  

WHERE: Spaces, Angel Islington, 70 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PP. 


Creativity at Work

Creative play can help us innovate, facilitate effective meetings and produce our best work. Join our special guest speaker Jenny Leonard, a London based artist who believes we are all innately creative to find out how.  

Jenny will share her story of moving into a full time creative, freelance role and taking the leap into a challenging, competitive field. You'll learn from her experience, tips and tricks and will have a chance to ask questions.  

We'll also explore our own creativity through a few short exercises designed to help us play and harness our creative energy. We'll then reflect on this experience and discuss how we can use similar processes in our workplaces - whether they're viewed as creative spaces or not. Creative play can help us innovate, facilitate effective meetings and produce our best work. Join us and learn how.  

Join us on Wednesday 5 February, 6pm-8pm

This event is hosted by the Lucidity Network and Not9to5. We collaborate on these events to bring like-minded people together so they can connect and learn. It's a great opportunity to meet interesting people, get a dose of inspiration from our guest speaker, have some drinks and nibbles and perhaps start to put the world to rights – all in lovely surroundings. 

Not9to5 works with individuals and organisations who are aspiring to be less 9-to-5, offering consultancy, coaching and training to help them unlock the benefits of flexibility. With a focus on collaboration, we bring people together with different knowledge, skills and expertise who are able to find creative and innovative ways of working together.

The Lucidity Network is for managers and leaders across all sectors who want to take charge of their professional development and make more impact. The Lucidity Network gives you everything you need to achieve success at work. With a Lucidity Network membership you get access to expertise and advice, online training and group coaching, mastermind groups and events to help you make your working life what you want it to be. 

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'I found the Not9to5 and Lucidity Network event really inspiring. It made me challenge the status quo and I made some really useful connections.' Beth Gardner, Lucidity Network Member

Your Speaker:

Jenny Leonard is a London based commission artist. She does live illustration at events and conferences and delivers creative arts workshops tailored for businesses and schools. 

This year Jenny completed a series of large scale murals across 7 London Libraries funded by the Arts Council. She also works with public art events company Wild in Art and has painted sculptures on display at Kew Gardens, Hampton Court and out on the streets across the UK. 

Jenny belives we are meant to create and that it's important to play with inky lines and not always be pressing buttons.  

Your Hosts:

Helen Denny is director and founder at Not9to5. Helen has worked extensively across the UK and Internationally, facilitating group and individual learning. She has worked across the Third and Public Sector for over 20 years in a range of leadership positions.  

Helen is passionate about working with organisations that are seeking to make societal change and brings her expertise in this area to support start-ups through to larger organisations as they explore their impact. Helen is an energetic and skilled facilitator, ensuring that she brings the best out in the individuals or groups she is working with.  

 When she isn’t busy working, Helen can be found aboard her narrowboat on the Edinburgh canals or walking up one of Scotland’s many mountains!  

You can find Helen at and

Lucy Gower is director and founder at Lucidity and founder of The Lucidity Network. She is a coach, trainer and facilitator specialising in giving people the confidence and tools to think creatively, develop ideas and make their innovations happen.  

She is bestselling author of The Innovation Workout and a global speaker on innovation. Lucy is passionate about helping people unlock their creativity and get the important work done. She enjoys working on projects with the potential to make a positive impact on the world.  

You can find Lucy at and 

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