Right now, we’re living through massive change and uncertainty.

We’ve never had to stay locked down at home for an indefinite amount of time, either alone or with our family. We’ve never experienced social distancing and working from home on a mass scale.

We’ve not had to home school our kids or been given a Government directive to not see friends and family.

We’ve never lived with the underlying threat of a potentially deadly new virus that we know relatively little about, and the anxiety and stress that accompany that.

Watch this free webinar and discover tried and tested tips to boost your resilience and wellbeing.

Discover tried and tested tips to boost your resilience and wellbeing.

By the end of this free webinar you’ll have learnt:  

  • The causes of stress and the impact it has on your resilience
  • Practical tips and tools to help be more resilient
  • How to prioritise your wellbeing - because you have to be OK in order to help other people.

Our guest speaker

Charly White

Charly White is the founder of Vivid Leadership Ltd. Charly is an experienced trainer, facilitator and leadership coach.  Charly has coached over 500 not-for-profit sector leaders and emerging leaders, helping them to make a positive step-change in their personal and professional development. 

Through her company, Vivid Leadership Ltd, she provides coaching and training to leaders and teams, helping clients to succeed in demanding roles whilst maintaining a healthy balance. Charly is also a Trustee of Penny Brohn UK, a national charity dedicated to helping people live well with cancer.

Your host

Lucy Gower

Lucy Gower

Lucy Gower is director and founder at Lucidity and founder of The Lucidity Network. She is a coach, trainer and facilitator specialising in giving people the confidence and tools to think creatively, develop ideas and make their innovations happen.  

She is bestselling author of The Innovation Workout and a global speaker on innovation. Lucy is passionate about helping people unlock their creativity and get the important work done. She enjoys working on projects with the potential to make a positive impact on the world.