The Power of Storytelling workshop: An essential communication tool

WHEN: Tuesday 21 January, 2pm-5pm  

WHERE: Conference Room, Venaspace, The Mount, 72 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JY


The power of storytelling workshop: An essential communication tool

A half-day practical training workshop to give you the knowledge and skills to use storytelling with your clients, customers and colleagues and get the results you want. 

Whether you want to communicate a message or a new idea, motivate internal teams, attract more customers, make your marketing stand out or make your communications, sharable, memorable and repeatable storytelling is your most powerful communication tool. Stories connect us emotionally. We remember more information communicated through story. It’s no wonder it’s so effective, storytelling is in our DNA; our ancestors communicated and learned through the stories that they passed down from generation to generation.  

We are natural born storytellers yet sometimes in our professional working environment we forget the importance of our innate skill of storytelling.  

Stories connect people and enthuse us to take action. They can engage and motivate internal teams. They can connect and inspire our customers to return time and time again. In a competitive environment where we are bombarded by thousands of messages every waking minute of every day our ability to tell stories that make us stand out, connect us to others and make us memorable might be the difference between success and failure. 

This practical training workshop is for anyone that wants to; 

  • Improve their communication skills to get better results  
  • To develop skills and confidence for storytelling 
  • Engage and motivate their customers and colleagues
  • Powerfully communicate a message or a new idea
  • Make their communications more sharable, memorable and repeatable.


At the end of this training workshop you will have; 

  • A clear understanding of why storytelling is a key communication skill
  • A basic framework for storytelling
  • Practiced telling and shaping stories to different audiences
  • An action list for how to make storytelling part of your everyday work
  • Enjoyed yourself.  

Book here to reserve your spot - places are limited.

Lucy Gower is director and founder at Lucidity. She is a trainer, facilitator, author, coach and consultant specialising in developing creative, collaborative, high performing and innovative teams. She works with teams to give them to courage, confidence and skills to make their good ideas happen. 

Lucy delivers practical storytelling training for individuals, teams and organisations wanting to communicate more powerfully with their customers, clients and colleagues. She is bestselling author of The Innovation Workout and a global speaker helping people develop their storytelling skills to more effectively make change happen. 

‘As a fundraiser I learned a valuable lesson that a story told well delivers far better results than a corporate presentation or a case story. As a freelancer, helping people make change happen I learned that story is the best way to inspire, influence, help people think differently and take action. That’s why I now deliver training, coaching and consultancy to help individuals, teams and organisations to find, craft and tell their stories to their different audiences to deliver the maximum impact.’ If you have any questions about the content of the power of storytelling, please contact