The Lucidity Network 

Storytelling and getting your message across

WHEN: Tuesday 21 January, 6pm-8pm  

WHERE: The Rabbit Hole, The Mount, 72 Paris Street, Exeter, Devon, EX1 2JY


 Storytelling and getting your message across

Storytelling is our most powerful communication tool, yet there is a knowing doing gap. Despite our innate storytelling skills, organisations are quick to revert back to the corporate slide deck, favouring facts and figures, and opportunities for powerful and impactful communications are lost. 

Do you ever feel that you’re not getting your message across? That you’re competing with too many other communications to get your voice heard? Do you know that you need to stand out to get your audience's attention but you're not sure of the most effective way to do it?

Whether you’re posting on social media, writing an email or speaking in front of an audience, if you want to communicate effectively the same storytelling principles apply.  

Join Lucy Gower to get some quick and practical tips to:

  • Get your message across effectively
  • Build your confidence for powerful communication
  • Tell powerful stories that capture attention and inspire people to take action
  • Build a culture of storytelling  

This event is hosted by the Lucidity Network bringng like-minded people together so they can connect and learn. It's a great opportunity to meet interesting people, get a dose of inspiration, have some drinks and nibbles and perhaps start to put the world to rights – all in lovely surroundings.  

The Lucidity Network helps you think clearly and have the confidence to take action and get powerful results. With a Lucidity Network membership you get access to expertise and advice, online training and group coaching, mastermind groups and events to help you make your working life what you want it to be.  

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Lucy Gower is founder at Lucidity. She is a coach, trainer and consultant as well as a best-selling author of The Innovation Workout. She is an international speaker on the topics of innovation and creativity and specialises in giving people the tools and confidence to take charge of their own working life and achieve the happiness and results that they want.  

Lucy works in partnership with charities and companies to provide knowledge, skills and tools to up-skill your teams and enable you to thrive with minimum assistance in the future. Lucy uses practical techniques to help people learn, not through theory, but by practice and practical application.  

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