How to help your (neuro) diverse team thrive  

Join Jennifer McCanna, Lucy Gower and guest speaker Anj Cairns

WHEN: Thursday 30th November 6-8pm (UK time)

VENUE: The Bunhill Room, St Luke's Community Centre, 90 Central Street,

South Islington, London, EC1V 8AJ. 

Nearest tubes: Old Street, Angel and Barbican

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  • Do you worry about how best to support someone in your team with ADHD?
  • Are you afraid you’re going to say the wrong thing, use the wrong language and inadvertently offend your neurodivergent colleague?
  • Perhaps you feel apprehensive about disclosing your own ADHD diagnosis at work?

Neurodiversity, for example ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) describes the idea that people experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways.


With diagnosis of conditions like ADHD on the rise, many of us feel relieved to be able to label and understand how we see the world differently.


And with more awareness and a commitment to DE and I (diversity, equity and inclusion) policies, workplaces are doing more to improve their support.


Whilst policies can be helpful, what we are aiming for is the ability to create supportive workplaces where everyone’s difference is in itself a valued part of the team, people can play to their strengths and feel safe to be themselves.


But how? It can feel scary and complex to navigate. Many of us are doing our best without the knowledge, skills or confidence to know if we’re doing the right things. There isn’t a typical workplace and there isn’t a typical person with ADHD.


Join us on Thursday 30 November and hear the brilliant Anj Cairns share her story of her ADHD diagnosis, the ups and downs and how she’s adjusted to what she needs for successful working life.


Now she coaches others, sharing her experience to provide practical advice about creating that safe space where everyone can thrive.


Whether you are neuro diverse, or want to be a better ally to colleagues, join us and you will leave with:


  • An understanding of what ADHD is and guidance to support others with it
  • How to create a safe space in your team for colleagues to share a diagnosis
  • Practical tips and tools that you can take away and use with teams and others in your work life plus plenty of connection time to learn from others.  



6.00 pm: Arrive, drinks, snacks, and hellos

6.15 pm: Welcome from Jennifer & Lucy

6.30 pm: Learn about how to help you neurodivergent team thrive with guest speaker Anj Cairns

8.00 pm or thereabouts: End.

Guest speaker:

Meet Anj Cairns

Diagnosed with ADHD aged 51, Anj Cairns departed a long career as a charity CEO. She trained as an ADHD coach and developed a hybrid career focused on bringing out the best in people and organisations. She works with small to medium-sized not-for-profits to transform their cultures, share their impact stories and increase their sustainability.

Whether it be culture change, crisis management or planned transformation, Ani believes in putting people affected by an issue at the centre of creating change in organisations or their lives.

In addition, Anj loves to talk, so volunteers with the charity Sunday Assembly and regularly comperes their twice monthly community events in Central London. She is an author, poet and aims to bring a whole heap of joy to everything she does.


You can find Anj at  and

Your Hosts:

Jennifer McCanna is the director and founder at McCanna Coaching. She is an experienced leadership and team coach and has been working with clients across sectors, and across the globe, since 2011. She works with clients to help them, navigate challenge, build productive work relationships and ultimately perform better.  Accredited with the International Coaching federation (ICF), Jennifer also designs and facilitates management development programmes and team coaching within the corporate and charity sectors and runs workshops to help employees stretch themselves and get more out of their working lives. Recent clients include Action Aid, HSBC, Department for Education, Pancreatic Cancer UK, Oxfam and Christian Aid.

You can find Jennifer at www.mccannacoaching.

Lucy Gower is director and founder at Lucidity and founder of The Lucidity Network. She is a coach, trainer and facilitator specialising in giving people the confidence and tools to think creatively, develop ideas and take action to be more effective at work..  

She is bestselling author of The Innovation Workout and a global speaker on innovation. Lucy is passionate about helping people unlock their creativity and get the important work done. She enjoys working on projects with the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

When she isn’t busy working, Lucy can be found roaming the beaches and countryside of Devon and Cornwall with her dog Gary.  

You can find Lucy at and

This event is hosted by McCanna Coaching and the Lucidity Network. We collaborate on these events to bring like-minded people together in a friendly environment. We promise that this will be an enjoyable networking experience even for those that don’t enjoy networking.

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The Lucidity Network is for managers and leaders who want the confidence to think creatively and the motivation to take action. It offers the essential training, advice and support you need to help you think differently and become more effective at work.

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